Welcome! It's nice to see you. I'll make a cup of tea and you get comfortable. Don't mind my kids. They're training for a fight to the death.

I'm Pili, sometimes Grace, often Pilar, but always Pili. I'm a writer and content strategist working in Sydney and in the Matrix. Nerd jokes aren't my forte, but I'm working on it.

Cult of Clothes is my home base where you'll find me writing about style, sewing, and other things that tickle my fancy. Sometimes I draw - my drawings will probably make you laugh. Sometimes I swear. Always with gusto.

Send me love letters by old fashioned email at pilar.mitchell[at]cultofclothes[dot]com, or new-fangled contact form. I'm sure you can think of nicer things to do than to send me hate mail.

I freelance, so if you're looking for a writer, check my creds. They're incredible, contain no lies and only a tiny bit of business English.