Who needs two yellow jackets?

There is absolutely no doubt that I do!

Brightly coloured coats are a great way to enliven a drab winter wardrobe and lift your spirits during colder months. Unless you're lucky enough to live in a perma-sunny climate, then winter is grey and ick and ack and yuck. It rains, daylight is fleeting and people pout a lot. Everyone wears black, charcoal or some other shade of boring. In your yellow coat, you can be the little ray of sunshine, meandering down the street in that elegant way that you meander.

On that note, this northern hemisphere fall, American company JCrew, ever the trickster after my wallet, has come out with yet another must-have yellow jacket . Last year, they had a long, wasp-yellow coat with giant snap closures and a big gorgeous bow at the neck. Australia is a little bit too hot for such a long, woolly coat, but I made it work. It got trotted out on a few chilly Sydney nights, and sometimes, when no one is home, I put it on and swan around the house in various yellow coat-featuring outfits. I'm not joking.

This fall, they've got a three button wool pea coat in “bright butternut” that marries band geek chic with a little dash of entitled private school brat. Look at the model. She's thinking, Yeah, my hair is messy. My shirt is untucked. So send me to the principal's office. I dare you.


Photo: www.jcrew.com

Too. Much. Awesomeness. Can't. Breathe.

And how serendipitous that I happen to have three hours to kill in Seattle amid the downtown shops when I fly there from Sydney on my way home to Canada this week. Is it serendipity, or have I been planning it all along? The shopping and I, we're a wily pair.

I've been making good use of the time leading up to my trip, Googling American companies that don't have stores in Canada so that I can make the most of my precious few hours in Seattle. In the same mall as the JCrew store, there's also a Victoria’s Secret where I plan to run wild.

I will have just walked off an 18 hour flight, tired and confused. I will have gone back in time two days, simply by crossing the International Dateline. I will be in the most wonderful, affordable lingerie store on earth. There will be no one to rein me in. Good spending judgement will not be a strong point. Looking into my crystal ball, I forsee some credit card-crippling expenditure in my future.