Jumping on the bandwagon

You know what I've realised since the whole Kanye West / Taylor Swift debacle at the MTV Awards? It's not that Kanye is a jerk, or that Taylor is sweet natured, or even that her music is any good. I've realised that the girl is one chic 19-year-old. If, when I was 19, I had had the budget or the taste that Taylor has, there would have been a lot fewer clunky boots and mini-skirts in my past. You've got to give me a break though. I grew up in a town where bi-laws prohibit buildings from being over five stories high in the downtown core and skate shoes worn with flare jeans are de rigueur. You think there was such a thing as fashion there? There was no fashion. Only Aldo from the 90s.

I've been seeing more and more photos of Taylor looking super chic popping up all over the place. This probably coincides with the fact that her music is becoming more popular, but who cares about music? Taylor's style is genius! The paparazzi snap her loafing around town wearing a sweet, colourful circle skirt and tangled strappy top, or in a shimmery mini dress showing off the gamine, gangly, fashiony legs that could only belong to a teenager or a foal.

Here are some photos of her nabbed from www.people.com:


Photo: www.people.com

This dress looks like it's been sprinkled with gold dust. Her lovely petite figure absolutely can pull of the giant bow at the bust. Note her contrasting short, red nails. Taylor, I think you, me and Blair could be bestest friends. Call me.


Photo: www.people.com

This shade of purple isn't my favourite for my colouring, but it looks fab with her hair colour and complexion. Blondes take note: this rich shade of lilac is perfect for you. I also love how her signature winged eyeliner is really strong in this picture. And those shoes? Let's just say I would consider selling my boyfriend into slavery for those shoes. They simultaneously complement and contradict the sweet, soft ruffles of the dress and make the whole look edgy and modern.


Photo: www.people.com

The dresses, from left to right, are by Aussie designer Collette Dinnigan and KaufmanFranco, a designer I've never heard of before but am keen to see more from. The KaufmanFranco dress is a stunner and I love the subtle and strategic horizontal strap under her right arm which keeps the dress in place and any embarrasing side boob at bay. Lindsay Lohan could take a lesson.