Should we throw a party?

Be still my violently pounding heart. In 28 days, Topshop is coming to Sydney. Sort of. They're partnering with Incu in Paddington on Oxford St. and taking over the second floor of the Incu shop. I really love Incu, but I have mixed feelings about them being involved in launching Topshop in Sydney. I wish the Australian market was considered by the rest of the world to be substantial enough to launch a proper flagship store. I think we deserve it.

I like wandering around Incu, petting all the Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags and chuckling at the witty t-shirts. I think they have a great selection of clothes by fantastic designers and a very edgy, fashionable point of view, but at the same time, they embody the main thing that annoys me about shopping in Sydney: everything is knee-bucklingly expensive. Patchwork Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag that's $450 on Shopbop? Try $650 at Incu. Why? Apparently it's delivered here by a band of softly humming angels who fly along on the gentlest of breezes, and when it arrives in Sydney, it's massaged in truffles and gold dust by unicorns. Give me a break. I just travelled from Canada to Sydney two weeks ago. It took me 26 hours. Don't tell me 26 hours of travel in a box means that prices should increase by 50%. I'm not a dummy guys, so quit trying to mess with me.

I hope that this partnership will remain true to the Topshop price point. Part of the allure of the Topshop brand is that you can get modern, runway-inspried fashion without needing to rob the ATM outside. C'mon Sydney, give me cool AND affordable for once. I just know you can do it.