The skinny

She looks like a severe, gothic Brigitte Bardot. Her lips are plump and pillowy and her face looks like it's been carved from marble. She's got heavenly high cheekbones that make deep, brooding hollows in her cheeks. She's a size 4 high fashion model, rather than the typical size 2 or 0, and she wants to lose weight.



Fashion industry folk use Lara Stone to prove that the industry does employ "bigger" girls, and poor Lara is tired of being singled out as "the fat one," so she's going to slim down by doing Pilates and going running.

And now I will pause to dramatically sigh and roll my eyes.

If everyone wasn't making such a stink about Lara being bigger, then I certainly wouldn't have noticed. When you're 5'10", there's not a massive difference between a size 4 and a size 2.

If designers were to get together and slowly begin sneaking up the sizes of their samples, and the agencies started pedalling slightly bigger girls, I bet no one would even notice. It's all about perception, and those who control the world of fashion know they have the power to change our perception.

Instead of models being worried that they don't fit in with the skinny crew that dominates, the skinny crew should be worried that their weird shoulder blade wings are distracting from the designs, to the detriment of the designers' work. I was sifting through the photos of Marc Jacobs'  resort collection online the other day and what struck me was not how lovely the clothes were (although they were lovely), but how knobbly the knees of the models were.

The world of fashion is supposed to be an escape into the beautiful. Everything about it should inspire wistful sighs and longing stares. Don't ruin the fantasy by showing me a teenager who only consumes diet coke and tomatoes. I'm all for youth being part of the dream, but I should see beauty in these girls, not want to hand them a Kit-Kat and give them a hug.

Instead of being worried about being "the fat one," maybe Lara should be excited about being the first one. The first size 4, bigger girl to make it. The first, hopefully, of many.