Blair Waldorf to the rescue

The last two episodes of Gossip Girl have been filled with celebrity cameo gimmickry. First there was Tyra Banks playing a diva (which is obviously a massive stretch), and then Sonic Youth made an appearance at the end of the latest episode. Sonic Youth?!! ON GOSSIP GIRL??!!! I don't think I can abuse punctiation enough to express how wrong that is! I love Gossip Girl, but Sonic Youth, I believe the appropriate term here is "sell out." I once was a proper 90s grungy kid, but I've never really liked Sonic Youth. Their music is usually so mumbly and tuneless and their performance on the show was the pinnacle of suck.

Gossip Girl is probably my favourite show in the history of my entire life, but it was a stretch for me to enjoy the last couple of episodes.

Lucky for me, Blair looked fabulous as usual, and was a happy distraction from Serena's whining and Vanessa's cork wedge sandals. Here's the ultimate power couple observing the commoners at a wedding:



Blair is wearing a dress from the Valentino RED collection, and Chuck is wearing good bone structure and handsome. Blair really is a girl after my own heart. Just the other day I was thinking about how much I adore Valentino, and here she is wearing this stunning dip dyed, textured Valentino dress in some amazing colours. Swoon.