Sweet ride

Everyone, I'm pleased to introduce Miss Twig Penelope Bikington:


She's a Schwinn Supreme cruiser and was born in China, but shortly after her birth, she moved to Manly. A couple of weeks ago I took the ferry over to adopt her from the Manly Cycles Cruiser Shop and now she lives on my balcony. You may think that's not the most dignified abode for such a prim lady, but she enjoys the fresh air and the company of my little grapefruit tree.

She takes me to the gym and work most days, and sometimes we just amble around the neighbourhood, I, in a nifty outfit and she, pretty in purple.

Since Penelope moved in, I've discovered a new appreciation for my LeSportsac by Tokidoki travel bag. Riding a bike with a handbag (as opposed to a shoulder bag) is pretty awkward but my LeSportsac can scrunch up to neatly fit in the basket, or I can use the long strap to sling it over my shoulder, messenger style. I've always thought being a bike messenger would be cool, but somehow I don't think the bike messengers in the city would take kindly to being joined by a girl wearing a dress riding around on a 7 gear bike with a basket. Snobs.

Here she is having a rest in the park near my house:






And the always important cycling accessory:


It's not just a bag, it's also a reminder for me to do things like brush my teeth:


eat my evil watermelon:


and make sure my friends get their recommended daily intake of poison: