The Sartorialist down under

Tonight I met Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist, at the sass & bide store on Oxford St. in Sydney. He's in Australia to promote his book and was doing a book signing at the store. I waited in line for three hours, clutching my copy of his book and cursing myself because I stuffed so much heavy junk into my handbag that it made my shoulder ache. I made two buddies in line, Lanny and Lauren. We were all so nervous that when our turn came, we decided to get our books signed together.  It's not every day you get to meet someone as exciting as Scott Schuman, and sometimes you need moral support. When he signed my book, he told me that his first girlfriend's name was Grace. It made me even more tongue tied than I already was, but my heart went thumpa thumpa with glee.

The three hour wait was extra specially boring, so I entertained myself by taking photos of the shop windows.





After queuing down the sidewalk for two hours, we finally got inside the store. And then we waited some more.



The sass & bide store is quite a clever space, what with the smashed mirrors on the ceiling:


and the giant (actually just horse-sized) leather horse at the back:


Then, sitting at a table behind the horse, there he was:


and here we are, looking goofy and star struck:



<3 <3 <3