Thread Social

I'm not quite sure why I've never heard of Thread Social before. You'd think the cuteness of their collections would have haunted my dreams (in an adorable way), but I guess Sydney is just too far away from New York for such haunting. My ignorance must be a signal that I should be spending more time trawling the internet for neat things to buy instead of wasting my time on silly things like going to work every day. Against my better judgement, Thread Social is inspiring in me a new appreciation for things like rompers, jumpsuits, high waisted shorts and harem pants. When the models look so huggably amazing, how can a girl resist? Maybe the right cut in a romper won't reduce me to looking like a gnome in the wardrobe of a five-year-old. Maybe a well made pair of high waisted shorts won't make me look like a box, as wide as I am tall. Excuse me while I rush off to the shops to find out. Right after we have a little drool over my favourite looks:



I really love the dress below, but I suspect it wouldn't be too tough to make at home. My DIY projects always start out infused with so much hope and excitement. Then, after hours and days of toiling over the sewing machine, or hand stitching tiny beads onto fabric, I always seem to end up with some ill-fitting, strange-looking heap of fabric that I'm forced to banish to the back of my closet because I'm sick of looking at it. But, in spite of my dramatic complaining, I remain undeterred and every couple of months I embark on a new project, hopeful and excited all over again. Stay tuned for either frustration or elation when I finish trying to make my own version of this dress.


This is the beautiful romper that keeps singing its pesky siren song to me:


I pledge my heart to these shorts. Actually, this whole outfit:



This gorgeous dress needs to be part of my outfit repertoire for the little post-wedding Roman holiday I'm taking with the Boyfriend next June:


And in case I spill marinara sauce on the first dress, I can always change into this lovely variation:



This jumpsuit looks pretty chic-ghetto fabaluss on the model, but I suspect it would just look ghetto on me:


But who needs jumpsuits when there are things like this lovely dress. Get in my closet IMMEDIATELY!