More yoga. Less nail biting

OK, so this is a little late, but I'm a procrastinator by nature, and I never make resolutions that go against my nature. For example, being short is against my nature, so I would never resolve to stop wearing heels. I actually wasn't going to do a New Year's resolutions post; I was going to let the date float by unnoticed, but I started to feel left out because all the blogs I read are doing New Year's resolution posts, just like how in January of every year, all the magazines waste paper on giant horoscope articles, (which I can't stand by the way. Don't give me that voodoo about being lucky in love or money this year because the gravitational pull of Venus is giving me a bad hair day. I'll make my own luck, thank you). Without further ranting and ado, here are my resolutions:

  1. Instead of yelling at the Boyfriend for things that aren't his fault, go to yoga to cure grumpiness.
  2. Stop biting nails. For real this time. This has proven to be much harder than giving up smoking was all those years ago.
  3. Stop obsessing over to do lists so much that I add things I've already done to my lists just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them out. It's kind of weird. People are going to think I'm weird.
  4. Try to get into the whole vintage / thrift store shopping thing, (mostly in an effort to save money because my wedding dress, although beautiful, will not be cheap). Other people can do it so well; surely I can learn to get over the stinkiness and rummage with the best of them.
  5. Curl up in my comfy chair and read books more often.
  6. Make a renewed effort not to look like a suit every day at work. That means more dresses, big necklaces and shoes that are hard to walk in.
  7. Pet strange dogs, as long as they don't look bitey.
  8. Stop procrastinating.
  9. Stop trying to change things about myself that are fundamental to my essence as a human. I'd be a withered, directionless soul without my precious procrastination.
  10. Forget about #3. Who cares if anyone thinks I'm weird? I love crossing things off lists.

Happy New Year everyone! I know that life can be frequently lame, but I hope this year, the awesome outweighs the lame by, like, a ton. 2010 = a ton of awesome.