Fashion says stop whining about your cold arms

And now for another slam dunk from an Australian retailer:


Behold the perfect shade of camel, the wonderful soft wool and the way the sleeves end just above the wrist bones. Well done, Witchery.

For anyone who thinks that coats are for keeping you warm, here's a little story that'll learn ya:

Once, a few years ago, I donned a particularly amazing cropped-sleeve winter coat and went out to meet my lovely friend. Upon seeing that my bare arms were sticking out of my coat sleeves, my lovely friend asked me, "Don't your arms get cold?" I gave her my best withering look and replied, "Being warm and comfortable is extremely passé."

Sometimes we clothes horses have to deal with the scoffing questions of the practical set, but when you know that looking stylish is the epitome of all that is right and good in this world, being the subject of scoffing, (and having the occasional goosebump), is absolutely worth it.

I wonder when this beautiful camel coat will be available in stores. I may keel over in a dramatic faint from all this annoying WAITING.