Where have you been all my life?

People, I've been ever so rubbish and neglectful of my blog. I'm so sorry if you've been feeling lonely and like I don't love you anymore, but that's simply not true. It's just that I turned 30 and I've been a little distracted by something. "What something?" you might ask. You shall soon find out. In case turning 30 wasn't in itself fancy-lady-making enough, my lovely, fabulous, sweet, thoughtful, handsome fiance gave me something that I'll treasure forever and guard fiercely from the evils of ballpoint pen ink, blue jeans transfer stain and sun damage alike. Please say hello to Victoria, the ostrich leather jewel in the Chloe family crown.




She blasts crazy quantities of awesome into whatever I'm wearing, even if it's just flannel pyjamas with bunny rabbits on them. When I walk down the street with her, (usually not in bunny rabbit pyjamas), I feel like the coolest girl on the planet who ever lived.

I'm a little afraid to take her on outings just in case I get caught in an unforeseen torrential downpour, or someone touches her with mucky fingers. People in my future, consider yourselves forewarned. Touch my handbag with mucky fingers and you will surely feel my wrath.