Hugs for links

We've just moved house and I feel like I've been cut loose in a vast and lonely ocean, without internet at home for up to eight business days. Eight. I asked the call centre guy from our internet provider if it was still the stone age, and if his favourite lunch hour pastime was to go hunting with wooden clubs for sabre-toothed tigers. I asked him if he and his colleagues wear fur loincloths, brush their teeth with twigs and worry about pterodactyls stealing their babies. Danger of pterodactyl-related kidnappings. Now that's a good reason for an eight day delay to hook up internet service. He didn't laugh. I guess in the stone age they're not used to people as hilarious as I am.

Anyway, since I can't upload photos from a phone, here are some cool links, fashion and otherwise, to keep you going until my technological travails are over.


Alber Elbaz. I heart him. His English is impeccable, but I love the poetic, accidental beauty that happens when someone is speaking English as their second language.


Die Antwoord, all up in the interwebs. The characters from Gummo grow up and become freakish South African electronica rappers. Be disturbed. Be amazed. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I think there's something catchy about these guys' music.


Why does everyone (like Jane and Rumi) have Miu Miu satin platforms except me? I think Mrs. Prada should send a pair to me. I like the naked people pattern best, although I'm not sure if it exists in shoe form. I'd definitely say nice things about the shoes, and it wouldn't even be because I got them for free.


Here's a lovely little article about Mrs. Prada written by Tim Blanks whom I saw in the flesh at the Anna & Boy fashion show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. People, I almost died from the excitement. What amazes me about Mrs. Prada is that in her unrelenting quest to find something new, she always turns out collections that are uniquely and recogniseably Prada.