The power of positive thinking

The other day I walked by a lottery outlet and for some reason I felt lucky, so I bought a ticket. I limited myself to $5 and picked a draw that had a poster with the word "millions" in the prize money description. I tucked the ticket away in my wallet and started to dream about what I'd do with my winnings.


New, cooler wallet. Probably Prada


Fancy overpriced Lamborghini type car for my sister that I think is a total waste of money but that I'd give her anyway because I'm nice and I know she loves dreaming about overpriced cars


Bigger house with a yard to accommodate all the puppies I would get. Like about 50 puppies


Three cat keyboard moon t-shirt for the Husband

The morning of the draw, I was sure I was going to win. I even tweeted about it, and we all know that tweeting things makes them true. When I checked my ticket later on, I found that I had indeed won.

Unfortunately I'm not the squazillionaire I thought I would be. I won $11.85, which after my $5 investment, was a net return of $6.85. Not quite enough for me to retire to Paris tomorrow and shop every day at Colette, but it's not a bad start. You know, glass half full and all that stuff.