Killing time

My butt is asleep from sitting on a hard bench seat at the Hong Kong airport for four hours, but I refuse to leave my spot because I’m next to one of the few coveted power outlets, and I can see others with their dying laptop batteries eyeing me jealously. Newflash you guys: I’ve got Super Junior on my iTunes, a big bowl of delicious noodle mystery soup and a good supply of chocolate. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve just been in Taipei for the wedding banquet of one of my bestest buddies and am now en route back home to Sydney. After an overnight flight tonight I’ll taxi straight to work and start my Tuesday. I’m going to be bleary eyed and grumpy, but I don't mind. Before I settled into this uncomfortable seat, I found a Zara and did some shopping. And because modern technology is so magical (WiFi is free here), I can share the spoils of my conquest with you right this second.


I know we’re heading into summer in Sydney, but I just couldn’t resist this angora and cotton jumper. I love a good elbow patch. I’m pretty sure it makes me look more educated. Dr. Grace. When I wear this jumper, people are probably going to think I have a PhD or a talk show.



Sneaky striped raccoons after someone’s acorn stash? Don’t I know it. Bloody thieves.




I dare you to find me anything more majestic than an oversized sweatshirt with a scene of bears roaming through the forest.