Rip & roll, kids

Last week some clever folks from the Australian Christian Lobby got all up in arms because of this:


It’s an ad promoting safe gay sex and it was on bus shelters around Brisbane.

Among their complaints that would definitely earn them 100% on a logic exam were these:

"Firstly, one of the men is wearing a wedding band. This suggests that either (A) they are a married gay couple (which is illegal in Australia), or (B) that at least one of them is married and is cheating on his wife."

"[It] promotes sexuality as a desirable lifestyle; suggests that homosexual intercourse is 'safe' with the use of a condom; [and] confronts children and impressionable teenagers with images of a lifestyle the majority of their parents would not want their children exposed to."

If you're going to complain about something, you should at least have the guts to say what you really mean: gay people make you uncomfortable and you don't like looking at them. If you must be a bigot, be an honest one.

Adshel, the company that owns the bus shelters, took the ad down. A shit storm ensued, and now Adshel has put the ad back up.

To recap, we’re cool with seeing this on billboards:


But not this:


And incredibly creepy images like this on the website of a company whose target market is aged 14-25 is cool too:


But not this:


They’re hugging, not leaping around in gimp masks with their boy parts out throwing pies in each other's faces. Chill out people.

And kids, let’s not forget the very important, and probably long forgotten message of this ad: whether you’re gay, straight or somewhere in between, use a condom or you could get some nasty cooties.