Climbing back onto the grid

I've been gone for a while and have left my blog untended so it's started to look like my balcony garden - thirsty, spindly, and reaching out for the light. But I have a really good excuse: a stork dropped this baby off at our house two Octobers ago, then I blinked, and now he's a full-blown kid. A laughing, dancing, mischief-making person who seems to have poofed up out of nothingness. He is wonderful, and he's a tornado of chaos that's loosed itself on our lives. He's beautiful and all-consuming. He's the biggest, brightest thing in my life and he makes it seem like nothing else matters. Funny how a person who weighs 30 pounds can be so powerful.

Absorbing myself in motherhood has been at times crushingly hard, but it's mostly amazing. After 16 months of giving every ounce of my energy away to this little person, I'm ready now to climb back onto the grid.

So here I am. It's nice to to see you again.