Ring a ding ding: return of Country Road's vampire model

My bus passed a Country Road shop today, and who did I see staring at me from the window? This guy: Vampire Lips, my favourite Country Road Model

Vampire Lips* is back! I wonder where his adventures have taken him, and how many juicy humans he captured with his toothsome wiles.

Speaking of teeth, I'll take this opportunity to mention a few other handsome vampires: Stefan, Damon, and pretty much the whole bloodthirsty cast of The Vampire Diaries.

Country Road - Vampire Diaries Stefan Damon

You know what would make that show so much better? If they fired the current wardrobe stylist and hired someone who didn't hate happiness.

Country Road - Vampire Diaries Cast Bad Clothes

Seriously, stop ruining  my life with your ugly clothes. Elena's lacy thigh highs and furry booties are going to make my head explode. If they can whisk us away to a magical land where everyone is exceptionally good looking, surely they can make everyone exceptionally well-dressed.

*If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here and scroll to the bottom.