If things never changed...

...we'd all be running around banging pterodactyls over the head with clubs. But judging from Suzy Menkes' article, "The Circus of Fashion," it would seem some people miss chasing after flying dinosaurs. Menkes talks about how fashion should only be for the cool kids, arguing "If fashion is for everybody, is it fashion?" Then a bunch of people get mad. And then Tim Blanks reminisces about the good old days, interestingly linking our hunger for glamour and celebrity to economic bad times:


Lots of people have said lots of things, so I'll be brief. Isn't this just another case of people getting mad about things changing?

Change is inevitable. One fine day, uber-brat Justin Bieber will be wiped from the popular consciousness. All the Crocs will be melted down so they're merely a distant nightmare. In 50 years I'll probably be shaking my fist at a sky filled with disrespectful whipper snappers zooming around in flying cars. And I'll be wearing really fantastic shoes when I do it, because some things should never change.