Questionable taste

I'm old enough now that things that were so cool when I was 13 are coming back into fashion. Birkenstocks with hiking socks (worn by people other than hippies), Nirvana t-shirts, and now overalls, or as they are so endearingly called here 'dungarees.' Anyone can wear overalls, but to wear dungarees, you have to be a 7-year-old boy with front teeth that look like a pair of Chicklets. Back to my point: Birkenstocks in Vogue Paris.

And look how cool these 'dungarees' are!

It's easy to get caught up in these new/old trends. It's easy to get swept off your sensible feet by cool Vogue styling. Sometimes wisdom doesn't come with age.

If I can't be wise, I can at least slap a bit of sense into myself. Overalls were unflattering when I was 13 and "The Bodyguard" soundtrack was my first tape. 20 years later they're still unflattering. If in another 20 years I see a photo of myself wearing overalls, shameful feelings will probably drive me to live out the rest of my days as a hermit wearing a hair shirt.

So the lesson here is that if you say no to overalls today, you'll avoid being a hair-shirt-wearing hermit tomorrow. Hair is itchy. Being a hermit is lonely. The choice is obvious, even if the overalls are so cute and tempting.