Quest for the perfect t-shirt

I'm allergic to basics. My closet is stuffed with patterns and bright colours, and guess what? Nothing goes together. Once upon a time I had luxurious hours to try on millions of combinations to find that perfect pattern clash, but these days a bouncy toddler sits on my feet and demands muffins when I get dressed, so I need to be quick and organised. I'm not saying I'm going to stop wearing patterns, I'm just saying that throwing a cotton t-shirt into the mix, or maybe buying a second pair of jeans might make life a bit easier.

Anthropologie Twisted & Pleated Tee

Every once in a while, I see a photo of someone looking so cool and fabulous in a grey marle or white t-shirt and I become obsessed with finding the perfect replica. They never say where it's from, so I'm left to hunt alone, and with so many bad options, it's really easy to get it wrong. My obsession usually ends in miserable failure because I always buy something cheap that gets twisted seams the first time I wash it. I guess I figure it's just a t-shirt, so why should it cost more than $10?

With a revised strategy to spend more money (that's pretty much the solution for everything, right?), I'm going to go on a quest for the perfect t-shirt. I have a few modest requests: nothing too sheer, needs a nice open neck, made of super soft cotton, and no more twisted seams.

Shop and friendly neighbourhood object of my infatuation, Jim & Jane, posted that they're carrying a French t-shirt brand that's oddly named "American Vintage," so I think I'll start there.

If you're feeling absolutely riveted, sorry, but you'll have to wait until next week to see what I got. Spoiler: I got a bit distracted by cool winter footwear.