Exciting conclusion to the quest for the perfect t-shirt

There I am, at Jim and Jane, said neighbourhood object of my infatuation. I quickly realise that with winter coming, t-shirts are in short supply; they sold out during sunnier months. Sanity goes out the window. I'm desperate to buy a white t-shirt, if for no other reason than writing about it made me obsessed. In a moment of sheer madness, I buy the only white t-shirt in the shop, and I pay $75 for it. Let's review the criteria:

  • Super soft? Yes, it's organic cotton.
  • Pretentious? Yes, it's organic cotton.
  • Not too sheer and has an open neck? Nope and yup.
  • Twisted seams? If there are, there'll be hell to pay.
  • Costs more than $10? If the Husband asks, tell him it was on sale. That they practically gave it to me.

In the couple of weeks since I bought my precious white t-shirt, I've worn it a lot. It's refreshingly simple, looks cool with enormous, spangly necklaces, and now that it's winter, I can wear it under all my really itchy sweaters. I'm not going to throw away my brightly printed tops and dresses and just buy white t-shirts from now on, but it's nice to have something basic to turn to when nothing seems to go together.

I nearly forgot: remember how I said I was distracted by cool winter footwear? Well. I got me some sweet flat ankle boots by Sol Sana. They're blackened-chocolate brown, slouchy-perfect and look so cute with cuffed skinny jeans or a mini-dress. They're so wonderful I want to take them behind the school house and get all romantic with them.