Man flu, or How I got my new glasses

So my Husband used to have these really cool Tom Ford glasses. They made him look like Superman...actually, before I get lambasted by the Superhero Nerd Police, I'll correct myself: they made him look like Clark Kent. Here he is reading a map in Madrid. I'm holding his cape.

He rarely wore them because they gave him a headache and made him dizzy. I chalked it up to something akin to man flu, and said to myself, "Suffer for fashion, oh wimpy one!" But then I tried them on and loved them. I realised his dizzy misfortune was my new glasses gain.

I got the lenses switched for my prescription, and voila! New glasses for me. I don't look like Clark Kent, but I reckon I look pretty cool. Captain of the Superhero Nerd Police, perhaps.

After a few minutes of wearing them I realised everything looked oddly proportioned. My son had shrunk, and I felt a bit woozy. Turns out the shape of the frames and the way they sit on your face mess with your perspective. Huh.

Well Husband, I thought you were crying wolf, but it turns out that in this instance - and in no other instances before or ever to come - I was wrong.